Largest cities in Christmas Island

The largest cities in Christmas Island, ranked by population.

The total population of Christmas Island is 1,928 as of 30-Jun-18 , which represents 0.00% of global population and ranks Christmas Island # N/A worldwide.

Numbers generally reflect the city population, rather than the urban areas, municipality, or urban agglomeration. Note that double listings may reflect different spellings or definitions of urban agglomerations.

List: the biggest cities in Christmas Island

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Country codes for Christmas Island

  • 2 digit ISO country code (A2) for Christmas Island : CX
  • 3 digit UN country code (A3) for Christmas Island : CXR
  • Numeric U.N. country code for Christmas Island : 162

DIALING CODE for Christmas Island : 61

Flag of Christmas Island (when applicable):


The population data for this list of cities and towns in Christmas Island was derived from several sources, including GeoNames and Wikipedia.